Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I get confused. We face different people everyday. There will no "fix" people around you. This theory is so simple. Earth is a circle. Everything change. Nothing stay.

Different kinds of people. I still on the process to learn how to cope with people. I know i am very poor at it. I do not immediately go to talk with people even though i know them. I just have no idea. I just felt that i lazy to talk. I rather observe than talking. A friend of mine came and talk to me saying that i become so arrogant recently. The way she meant was that i did not joining them talking etc. I just replied, I lazy to talk. Hey people, lazy to talk does not mean arrogant or what....grrrr~ I just in my own world. Just leave me alone la people.

Sometime it is hard to be yourself. Its either you happy to be yourself and bring sadness to other people or you bared the sadness yourself to make other people happy. Sometime we need to take consideration of many factors such as the places, the people or the time. Sometime we were as if wearing a mask, to be a different people just to get something done. Depends on situation, everything changeable. When people requesting something that you do not like, and you say no. You are hurting them. Interchangeable. A friend asking me, why do i cut my hair. I replied, I like short, i cut la. Why need think too much. Life is short. Just enjoy every single moments of your life. Do what you want. Having short hair looks mature. Not suitable for people age like us. =.=" Wait until you reach 30's just cut? what if u leave this world tomoro? I am not cursing. So...still. Do what you like when you are still young.

The biggest the age gap, the higher the arguments may occured. Everyone perception is different. Grr~ There are many things that seem normal to other people but so weird so uncomfortable for me. Erm....let me think, i feel uncomfortable when taking pictures, everyone was looking at me. I can s-m-i-l-e properly. I just have no idea lah~~~~~~~~ Thats me. Cant change.

Today suddenly a bit~ emo. hehe...

BTW. Happy raya All!

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