Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kali ke-2

01 september 10

I like this date.

The holidays mood is switch on.
Totally could not concentrate in lectures.

Today had lunch at Damai's open air there.
My food was just average but my friend, vero's food was not good.
She said, "macam 818's punya juga." haha...

Then, we attend the 2pm class.
Mind was totally not in class.
Though i was looking at the lecturer but the truth is
my mind keep thinking about the movie Step Up 3D which
we are going to watch again after class.
However this time in 3D!!!!!

but of course, not as high as the first one.
Step UP 3 in 3D is really awesome.
You all must watch it in 3D!

Holidays coming soon.


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