Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixed cost, discrenationary, 0.75.

Today, i had Concrete Design midterm. I had already check out the pass year question. So, i assumed the midterm question should be easier than final exam pass year. However, everything not going smoothly. The question that came out was, " WHAT?". Something that i guess out of everyone expectation. Lecturer do teach us that, if i am not mistaken. But we all just failed to answer it. Two hours were wasted. Lecturer did check out (silik-silik) we, student's paper (including the top student of our class's paper) and lastly before midterm end, he told us, " I think everyone will get a zero for this midterm, seems like everyone go on the wrong direction." At that time, i felt. "Yup, correct sir. We all in the same ship. And the ship is sink deep in the ocean." Totally felt disappointed as i got study but could not finished to paper. Of course, I know not only me feel like this. Everyone, every of my coursemates feeling the same too. But we just cant help with it. Sometimes, I would like to blame the lecturer. But i know i could not do it. As i have my responsibilities to study too. Some more, this sir, i know he had tried his best to teach us, to make us understand. Even when he ask us to go out do question and we do it wrongly or we can not do at all, he never scolde us. YUP! i never see him angry before. Well, i mean those really angry style. only..."silent please.." Respect him! Back to the topic, this subject is different than other subject. You will never get 10%, 20 % ....80%....You will only get 0% or 100%. Its either fail or pass. Even wrote rumus also no mark. There are many equations need to prove. Once the 1st step wrong. Then, everything wrong. Yeah. Thats why its difficult. Why again? because once ur design wrong, ur building will collapsed. Its all about accuracy. accurate! GARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Still, thanks to sir for giving us the second chance. We will need to battle again after the raya week. Hopefully we will use this chance nicely. (* i am really trying to think positive now, though i know its hard. Hopefully everyone also like that.)

Forget midterms.

Today money fly fly very fast. Went to Hong Kong@1b lunch. We mislook the set meal. Set meal is much more satisfied.

Chicken Wine Rice.
Wantan soup.

Actually we still got another accounting online midterm. Since we did not wear formal, we can not go library do it. Why we not just do it in our school? the line was so weak and will keep disconnect. So we decided to go starbuck! But then the line also bad. Thanks godness we still got broadband to use. So still consider okay. This midterm really wants to thank the coursemates. Some of them trying hard to find the solution, gambling energy to get answer for the midterm. and yeah~ midterm off for now~ holiday mode on.
When sungkai time comes, all cafe restaurant fulll....
except one.
Suchi raja.
I am so full.
But i cant resist the temptation.
Then, this movie really make my day crazy to the max!
. Step up 3.
You guys MUST go watch it.

i give 5/5.

I fall in love with this character.
She is so cool!!!!
I wish i can dance like her!!!!

Its still a disappointing day.
Though something happy covers it already.

it remind me 1 thing.
d= D-cover-(diameter/2)
Its one of the equation for this subject.

Happy Merdeka day 2010!

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