Thursday, August 26, 2010

High Drool Lict


The stress Day 1 finally over.

Hydraulics done!
doing my best.
At first really worry because was hungry.
I scare i fainted or something during the midterm.
Thanks god nothing happen and time pass by so fast.

Noon, went kf lunch.
The 818 restaurant really sux!
I thought the food is nice because there
are 2 other branch at duno where around kk.
who know...
Expensive+ Not sedap+ service not good.

Customer came to ur restaurant.
You should at least ask nicely.
This..... macam...

No next time to 818.
Food+service = not good.

Today going to study gao gao SOIL!!!!

good luck everyone!!!

Next is Soil.
Soil ah Soil.....
Soil ah Soil............

SOil ~ .~

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