Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today was supposed to a day to be joy. But sadly it becomes a stressful day. There were just too much to read and confusing and wasting time and....Sh!T@!.

I dont know me myself have this symptom or my other coursemates feeling the same too. Yesterday i was just too relax. I was thinking. It was just a BIM!!!! but the bIM!!!! got 3 types and need to know 3 types calculation and Fck off!!! i get confused everytime i try to understand. YEAH! i know its last minute. But my prob la! i like la! Get lost!Sorry! emotion not very stable. I read so many things from the book and mind = 0 and i just realised i got pass year question of the subject. What da hack~~~~~ i reading on something useless on the book and waste my half energy and.....hack~~~

I know i still have time to study. but hack......i have no more energy. SHOOOOT!!!!

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