Saturday, August 7, 2010

The engagement


First of all.
The day finally come!!!!!!
I am going to make it short.

we left kk at 11+am and reach membakut 1+pm.
P/s: our "human GPS" having problem reading the map. XD
we were lost and luckily.
i told u...
luckily we, or more specifically shamin meet an aunt tepi jalan
and ask for direction.
Coincidently, that happens to be nisa's aunt....
and we found the correct location.

The engagement was simple and went smoothly.

In one part of the majlis, we were asked to take the hantaran
to the living room which make me feel scary.
coz i scare i step on my long skirt and fell down.
In front of all people.
Luckily, that is NOT happening.

taking pictures,
filled our stomach.

we left at 5pm.
So challenging.
Got 1 longgggg lorry.
I was trying to overtake.
Signal right to overtake.
GOT CAR!!!!!
signal left back to position.

Accidentally i saw the back mirror.
Shamin try to overtake!!!!
and went in again also..
i saw michi like shouting.

challenggginggg la......

but then...
its still a happier day to see the closest unimate successfully,
Congrats again my friend.

P/s: please allow me self-praised. 1st and 2nd pics are so great. Wouldn't it more nicer if i am using a DSLR? ohno. dillema. i hope i got money falling from the sky and buy a dslr. even a beginner one also okay. T.T

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