Saturday, August 21, 2010



Yes Yes Yes!
I'm loving it.

I really cant resist the temptation.
When i heard my mum is going to the saloon with my aunt Biana,
I just cannot resist and decided to follow them.

Yup. I think i had a bad haircut from my mum. ( sorry saying this...XD)
I really dont like it. Very Cartoonise.

The aunty was just do some modification for it.
and it turn out to be....I LIKE!!!!

im so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo my dear hair.
Please dont grow.
Please maintain it that way~

I know i might sound insane, but.....i am me!
Take it..or leave me.


I think i mention before i bought a shoes for just rm8 and it is so nice.....
Today i saw another one just rm6.90!!!!!!!
but white shoes with some yellow green abstract....
I didnt buy...because this time got the "tag".
ketara la ciplak....hahaha....
so no buy....

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