Friday, August 27, 2010


I have a secret.

But i know. I wrote it here. Its not a secret anymore.
Some how i should say, i feel my life were different now.
Dont ask why coz i will not tell you.

Searching for some songs reminds me of many things.
Dance on the floor david guetta just remind me of my 2nd year life.
Where if went to uni i will only listen to that song...again and again and again...
Sexy chick by him also make me remind of one memorable should i said..incident? yeap....
Bullet proof by la roux remind me of playing Night Club City during the 2 months long holidays.

Yeap. Life seems different now. I hope this feeling wont fade as time pass by.
Every night every single day my mind keep thinking of this.
Even sleeping also will smile....
dont ask why coz i will never tell you.
Just a nice feeling that cant describe by words.

This is what happen for people who didnt sleep at the hour of 3 in the morning.
Fikir bukan-bukan, and post benda bukan-bukan.


k. nite all.

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