Sunday, August 15, 2010


Boring sunday.
i log in into my old acc and happened to found out this...
Dig out lots of memories that
i decided to post in blog.

Zaman SMLY......
During the nerd period....
Zaman KML.
Zaman UMs.
YEar 1.
Civil night.
Year 2. Lab 1. bersama dengan machinery gergasi.
Year 2. Civil night......!!!
The best civil night ever -by senior2 & lecturer yang hadir -
Year 2. Bufday Idy. Gambar skema.
Final exam over. Had lunch with frenssss.......
End of Year 2. BBQ aru...
Year 2. The Survey camp at manikar.
Wagamama using the coupun.
My tung-ngit versus the domokun.
The 2nd cousins at bukau, Beaufort.
With matrics geng at the beach. tg aru.
MLTR in kk. At the front stage VVIP seats taking pics
and kena halau by the secure.g. LOL
With my best tomodochi...not les okay...
At rom25 when we are not ready to take pics.
tg aru somewhere around 2009 according to the pics
grabbed from sandra's.
Another pics in 2009 taken by san.
The latest.
The engagement of Nisa.

LOts of memories....
I'm loving it!!!!

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