Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dad birthday


So its another 3 august...
its my father's birthday..

For me, people get older every 365/366 days..
the number getting larger and never decreasing.
What we can really do is appreciate everything around us,
not just the people but the surrounding because as day past by,
live or dead things do change.

So this year, it is slightly different than last year.
Last year i remember i just bought a cake.
However, this year.
Coincidently, my smallest aunt, EE koko was in KK (she's coming back from Taiwan).
So, she gave idea to do some small celebration.

They went to Release Animal.
I have no idea how to translate the chinese words into english.
It was some kind like that. A buddism practise.
I didnt join.

At the same time, 2nd Aunt, apak koko went to take away vege food@lintas.
While my mum went to buy a cake@inanam.

After the simple praying, and after the vege dinner.
Dad cut cake.

Just a simple celebration.
I hope everyone is happy and stay healthy as day gone by.

some pics to share:

Just a simple cake bought from the bakery.

The best cat ever.

Vege dinner except the ayam....


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