Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday = Sunday


I feel like Monday = Sunday.
Today totally cant wake up.
So skip morning class purposely to make myself more energetic later. continuing sleeping.

Went to 11am class.
Today class, at the beginning, still understand.
Not until an hour later.
Totally lost in the big deep ocean.

I was called to the front.
I really cant answer it.
The best way to excape from it = geleng kepala.

Back home.
Went to Giant Kolombong buy some food
to decrease my boringness while study later.
i forgot today is MONDAY= no plastic day.
Thankgod i still got my bag.

Put all inside my bag.
I am not going to waste my rm0.20 to buy the plastic bag
which was suppose to be free....
But in another way, it is really a great effort of them
to save the environment.
For, the next generation sake.

Weekend was so unproductive.
So today going to start doing revision.
Amitofo please give me strength to do revision
as i am so so so lazy today.

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