Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Talam dua muka

Does anyone still know the meaning of this peribahasa?
I was studying today. And online awhile to check on the updates on my facebook until i realised one thing. People are so stingy nowadays. Well, not all i should say. But because of this 1 person. It ruined all my mood for today. I am not a person in his life circle. So thats why what he did i can see it clearly better than his friends do. Betrayal is the correct word. I happen to catch his wrong act, his betrayal to his friend though his friend treat him nicely. But now seems like I was becoming the " fish in the pond", well chinese translation to bi.. the words doesnt exist so just ignore it... HUH!!!!
Me myself get the splash of it. I do not like it. But there is nothing i can do but just to accept the fact. But..i really extremely do not like it very much...........Still, i will trying to accept it. Dude... u'll get ur karma soon..im not cursing...till then. night.

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