Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Soldier and Killer


Went to use the 50% coupun at waga which the due date is this wed.


There is this one girl. She was kidnapped by enemy. And a group of army comes to save her which consist of a spy, a greenberet and i forgot 1 more character. They passed by the field. Enemy keep shooting them. But the girl like bulletproof. Then came to a river. There, there are many enemy chasing them from behind, fast fast moving into a mercedez BenZ. And with 1 soldier as driver, he drove her acrooss the big river. Left hand controlling the steering, right hand shooting the enemy at behind. The girl was praying he is going to be okay. Hoping no accident will occured in the shooting scene. Then, they reach the safe area where the enemy can catch them up. The army gather up and the girl smile. END. Mission accomplish.

I played a game recently and its about war.
I think im concentrate too much on the game until i have this kind of dream yesterday.

I watched a drama too in tv about investigation.
i didnt miss it out. can say i very like that drama.and....
i dreamed again...

There is a patient in the hospital. I have this kind of power. I can say something and the people who listen to what i had say, will do what i direct them to do. In one night, i sat beside of the patient and read him a book. Actually, i am no reading a story for him. I am giving some command for him while he was asleep. and of course with my power, he can accept what i told him and after i leave him. He do the crime. He killed a dono who...(the killing scene didnt appear in my dream..) then In police station, the police received news about people die. They went to investigate. Good news is the evidence all show the patient who is the murderer. but he told policeman that he did not commit it. He also dont know why he will killed people. Then, i feel relieved. But suddenly, the policeman found new evidence which prove i am the killer.
OH nO~~~~~~i go into jail~~~~


stupid dream i have.
but it kinda fun.
like i am in the drama also...

k la...
going to study hard for tomoro test 1.
Good luck everyone!

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