Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The test 1


Today such a stressful day.
Morning class. Hydraulic.
After that, went to a place to spend time.
To be precise is went there to study for the 2pm test 1 Concrete Technology.
First plan is going to the library.
But i try before, i cannot concentrate inside the library.
So went to this place study.

2pm test 1 was.......
i put everything that i know on the paper.
I know what the question wants,
but i just dont know the answer.
Its quiet stressful also when i suddenly feel want to go toilet.
But i know i cant.
because the time is so limited.

This is test 1.
Test 2 is coming soon after the mid sem break.

Stress Stress Stress...
The assignments due dates are near.
No more relax moment.
Good luck all my friends. everything that we do..
hopefully what we did is pay off.

not forget to wish all my muslim friends.
Happy Fasting Month!

P/s: which means...1 month to go for my 1st vacation with friend to Miri... XDDDDD

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