Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday the 13th


8am woke up.
Feeling totally lazy and planing to escape the classes today.
However, i know i should not escape as i promised myself,
I wont escape class anymore ( i hope i do).

Heavy footsteps to class.
Cant focus in Sir M's class.
Lost track in Sir J's class.
I feel like i want explode inside the class.

hurm, i think one of the reason was that
i left my hp at home this morning.
No hp made me feel insecure.
i cant fb.
i cant sms.
i cant make a call.

Finish class.
there is no place i want to go except
headed home a.s.a.p.

my life now is as dull as this blog.
the same routine.
I know i can make a different but i just so lazy to do other things.

I know i need to study. midterm is coming.
I know i need to catch up. I lost track so behind.
I know i need to do assignment. The doom date is nearer.
I know i can not wasting my time. I just cant help it.

Same routine everyday.
again & again.

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