Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not a pagoda.

Last few days, a friend ask me 2 questions.

A : hey, u are a buddhist right?
me : ya.
A : then u go to the pagoda at the half way to karamunsing that?
me : NOoooooo!!!!


Most people misunderstood that all chinese went to the temple.
In fact, there are many types of temples for different chinese religion and for different purposes.

Some chinese also get the term wrong.
They called themselves as buddhist which actually they are not. To become a buddhist, there is this ceremony which is also like the roman catholic and need to baptist.

Next time if u went into a temple and not sure its a buddha's temple or not. Do this :

See the presentation of the food to the god.

For buddha, only vegetables and fruits are served. Meats are prohibited!
If u see people served pork, chicken, duck etc. then u are in the wrong place.


why i suddenly post this?
i also dont know why...
i just felt that too many people misunderstood about this matter.

by the way, it is just from my opinion. i am not trying to show that i am very holy. please throw that thought away. ^^ just some sharing here. i am still learning.

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