Friday, August 27, 2010

Soil Midterm.


Today got the Soil Mechanic's midterm on 2-4pm.
I did it badly.

After midterm, went to SPE passed up the assignment.
Yeah~ we are taking Account for Engineer this semester.
Not sure the name of the subject.
The basic of accounting plus some new terms.
Grr!!!! Learnt it in BM and now its all in English.
Which make me need to dig out form 5 blue Sasbadi Prinsip Perakaunan book.
Suddenly makes me really miss Form 5 teacher, Cikgu Debbie.

At Spe, met ah chau!
she's waiting her mum to fetch her back home.

After that, followed coursemates to berbuka at Asia City.
We went separately.
Me and Veron.
Shamin and Michi.

Saw this in Doss..
The purple and the black so cool~
and the pink alsO!!!!

Ikan Pari Bakar....
Rm4 per plate.

Today's menu~
At Sempelang, Asia City.
The food there quite cheap.
Manager was making sure the workers work efficiently.
We know this because we sat quite near to the counter.

Next, instead went home.
We hit Cp to watch PCK!!!!!!!

Spotted this new machine.

Me myself personally like to watch Singapore's movies.
Phua chu Kang the movie.
I had been watching the trailer several times on tv.
Made me wants to watch it so badly.

many funny parts........
With all the hokkien words inside.
Dont play play~

P/s: Lim Lau Peh : the meaning almost similar to..."your father". Lim Lau Heah means..." Your big brother".

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